The first humanitarian service project the Rise Institute will engage upon is to serve Agustin, the man who inspired the documentary film, Rise, this organization, and its mission statement.

Agustin lives in the small town of Siguatapeque, Honduras – the very geographic epicenter of Central America, and has always lived in shambles. He lives in a “house full of water” as he puts it. The roof has gaping holes that allow rain to flow freely into his living space. Rats run around his damp floor and the electricity and plumbing have long since ceased working. Agustin, who has been crippled since a child, has lived his entire life with all odds against him – poor and disabled, yet refused to give up on his dream. His faith in himself and God is unwavering, as is his determination to achieve his goal of flight is as well.

The Rise Institute is planning to return to Agustin’s home in April 2010 to repair Agustin’s home and complete filming the Rise documentary.

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