Here are some comments about the short documentary, Everything is Incredible:

Ivan Cantu-Villarreal
“In ten minutes your film encompasses the tragic beauty of the act of creation. All the pain, joy, and fear an artist feels is bared for the world to see and in turn reflected back at those who have felt the bliss of creation.”

Brad Kugler
“Amazing, inspiring and so simple = beauty.”

Wilson Levy
“A life’s passion can’t go unnoticed the way you captured Augustin’s craft.”

Carola Rodrigues
“…the images, the light, his face, gorgeous. Tears in my eyes.”

Alex P
“It doesn’t matter if he gets to fly or not. It matters that he found a purpose in life that gives him happiness, passion and it makes him dream.”

“Not sure if sad or totally awesome.”

Daniel Ernesto
“The human being can be beautiful even in less favorable situations. Open-ended, makes me fly on your machine.”

“Incredibly inspiring, it makes you smile and cry at the same time and feels like kicking my own backside every time I feel down.”

Willem Grobler
“This serves as a beautifully poignant reminder of a nearly forgotten universal truth.”

Terri Kallio
“Wonderful testament to the determination of the spirit!!”

Daniel Gonzalez
“I have no words to express the beauty of this work!”

Jerome Ostrogorsky
“While he’s explaining the function or history of some parts we see him rub, just ever so slightly with his right hand, a piece of his machine probably thinking : “I made that.” Poor, sick and suffering, he has found a way to be content with life. I don’t know about you but I am inspired by this man, ashamed of my not-problems-after-all problems, and jealous of his secret to happiness.”

Calvary Chapel
“It already flies. The spirit soars.”

“I felt inspired and moved and ashamed of my own stupid fears when it comes to doing whatever it takes to make my dreams come true.”

“This is remarkable. I truly feel I am a better person for having experienced this video.”

Rahul Alindib
“I have never ever touched so much by a film or visual work, ever in my life.”

David Bloch
“What a joy to see a man with VISION, who ‘does his own thing’, believing completely in it … despite his physical limitations and the negativity of so many around him.”

Justin Gulbransen
“This is one of the most inspiring things I have ever seen, I have now watched this film a few times over the past few days and it moves me to tears every time.”

Matthew Potter
“His helicopter does work, it made me fly. This is how you change the world.”

Maggie McFee
“This is beautiful. Sad, but uplifting.”

Design by Delta
“It’s the triumph of the human spirit. I think it brings those rare moments of clarity in life where we can fully grasp a vague sense of something beyond ourselves.”

Rhema Images Photography
“For the last two days, this is all i can think about…”

Richard Whitaker
“It’s quite a remarkable story. Very touching and strangely beautiful.”

Mary Saunders
“Wow. This is beautiful. His (Augustin’s) voice is so filled with love.”


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