Rise Documentary

Purchase an HD ($9.99) digital video download of the documentary film, “Rise” – the 35 minute parent documentary to the award winning short documentary, Everything is Incredible.

Film Synopsis:

At the very center of Central America is the small town of Siguatapeque, Honduras, where a humble shoemaker stricken by Polio in his youth had a dream to fly to a better place. Over 50 years later, his helicopter, cobbled together with rebar and old bicycle parts, is an engineering marvel in itself. Folklore swirls in the town that it once got airborne decades ago and ultimately begs the question, is he a genius or is he crazy? what Agustin didn’t anticipate is that in the process, he would inspire and teach others how to better approach life’s problems and reach our goals and dreams – whatever they may be.

Everything is Incredible is a universal story of truth – giving voice to all the people driven by the unquenchable thirst to overcome their circumstances, criticism, doubt, and perceived limitations. It is the voice of the oppressed, who long and pray for a better future. It is the voice of everyone who, despite it all, still Rise.

~ John Chaisson, Thought Leadership Institute

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